Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Filling in the Gaps

Life and the lack of brain activity has kept me from posting lately. My mind is overwhelmed with the mundane and monumental but I don't intend to give up this space anytime soon. There are just too many topics that require legitimate posts so I'll fill you in on the little things that I'm convinced you're missing.

Bennett learned to make silly faces. Puffer fish faces, mad faces, surprised faces. He likes to ask you what kind of face you're making and then interpret his own version. 
He's made a real best friend. They live across the street and now they go to the same school. They've asked if they can live together. A few weeks ago his bff got his pants dirty at school and had to borrow an extra pair of B's. He slept in them that night because he couldn't bear to part with them. 
The house next door got bulldozed to make way for two new ones. Whether we've been gone five minutes or overnight Bennett will say "still broken" when he sees the demolition.   
Way back in January an amazing friend gave me a week's subscription to Blue Apron. They mail you pre-measured ingredients for three meals for two people. The quality of ingredients was pretty decent and the recipes challenged us to try new things like bok choy and lemongrass. I was delighted and if Rocky made it home at a decent hour on a regular basis I wouldn't mind splurging on this little culinary adventure.

The other night when I was putting the kid to bed, he picked up a book and started sounding out all the words on the cover. It was so precious and I couldn't have been more proud. Watching my child grow up is so bittersweet, but when there are these bursts of accomplishment it makes my heart explode.

Life isn't always filled with fan-club worthy content, but it is the giggles and grins, spicy shrimp curry soup and the ha-ha-ha's and mm-mm-mm's that are occupying my silence these days. Thanks for the patience for these in-between times when I don't have anything to scream from the rooftops!