Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What We Learned: 31 Months

As good as it gets with a 31 month old
Our 2.5 year old has become a little weasel. At his ripe old age, he has already learned to pit his parents against one another. If mommy says it's time to go, my little con-artist will reply "Daddy will take me back." It's amazing to me that he can pick up such tricks. That's not the only trick he's learned.

Bennett learned that dinosaurs growl just like bears.

We learned that he is quite the story teller.

Bennett learned that mommy is better at hiding than seeking.

We learned that Bennett scares easily.

Bennett learned about bird poop.

We learned that Bennett is scared of bird poop.

Bennett learned that not only white birds make white poop.

We learned that boys become fascinated by bodily functions at an early age.

Bennett learned that having an audience is reason enough to use the potty.

We learned we need to be invited to more parties to create such an audience.

Bennett learned he needs to make more friends. More friends equals more birthday parties. More birthday parties means more cake!

He let daddy take a picture!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where Did We Last Leave Off, aka The One with the Parantheses

Oh yeah, I was still blabbering about my kid. Not much is going to change about that today (Foreshadowing: NOT MUCH IS GOING TO CHANGE ABOUT THAT FOR QUITE SOME TIME. We haven't even reached the part where he can pull up his own pants.) So, it's been awhile, huh?  Apologies. I've been living life and trying to keep my head above water. I hear that's quite common for a mom of a toddler. Here's what you've missed:

My kid may not be able to pull up his own pants, or tie his shoes, or for heaven's sake affix his velcro sandals, but he has reached the age of photo taking hatred. It breaks my heart. For example, yesterday I ran in the house and dropped off  a load of groceries only to find my pint-size child sticking his head out the sunroof. (Mother of the year right here!) The look of pride on that boy's face was priceless, but the instant I reached for my phone, he ducked and started whining about no cameras. You think he was chased by the paparazzi in a past life? (I understand if you stop reading the blog if it has no photos... if you haven't already.)
We hosted a bbq with the neighbors. It was our first real foray into entertaining in our new home, nearly a year after we moved in. We're such fabulous hosts that we served our hipster-locavore neighbors their child's first hot dog. At least the cardiologist's son knew what it was.

The family made a trip to the King farm. After a tortuous drive there (My child would not rest. He wanted nothing to do with dinner and did not seem to understand holiday weekend traffic), it was lovely. We arrived, handed the barnacle to the grandparents and disappeared for a few hours of uninterrupted conversation, more driving, and some retail therapy. The return ride began as a repeat of our ride there, non-stop chatter interrupted by some whining followed by a dose of traffic confusion. Happily, mid-way home he announced, "I want to take a nap." Alrighty then! I am really hoping this was not a preview of our eight our drive to the beach next month.

Tip from the Expert (I'm no expert.): They can't protest if they are sleeping.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Did you know Bennett has a spot on the couch? The middle cushion. If he wants to sit there, you are not allowed to touch it, unless of course you're they're to act as a pillow. But for the love, blankets can't touch him, the throw pillows can't touch him and certainly we can't let Atticus touch him. It's his spot.

My son totally needs a translator. It's a good thing I am fluent in Bennett. Even when his enunciation is perfect, he needs a little help.

Spikes=splinters. "Mommy, my hand hurts. I have spikes."

Carbins=black birds. They are not robins or cardinals, they are carbins.

Beep it out=walk in reverse and beep like a dump truck.

On top of the couch-sitting particularities and funny word associations, my child has developed a rather quirky bedtime routine. We read books, then brush our teeth, followed promptly by hide and go seek. We wrestle him into pajamas, read more books. When we can finally turn out the light, we must lay on the floor with two blankies and a teddy bear. We sing songs, but must start the routine with Old MacDonald. Did you know Old MacDonald had some hot dogs on his farm?

Another Bennett quirk is his love of the grocery store. It may have something to do with the free balloons and cookies. Now that Harris Teeter kindly put a place for him to enjoy said cookie, it's hard to get him to leave. That's normal, right?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Raising an Aspiring Foodie

Ok, so my child prefers hot dogs and grilled cheese over duck confit and banh mi. But we are getting a glimpse of the foodie he may become. He loves to chop vegetables, wash produce and grate cheese. He has an extensive collection of play food. Grocery shopping is a favorite activity, and when he sees a grown up book without pictures, he points and says "recipes." I would like to think we are on the right track with this one.

When we drove by the park several weeks ago and I explained that springtime was almost here, he asked, "Food trucks?" Yes, my little gourmand, springtime signals the return of the farmer's market and therefore food trucks. So, imagine his delight when the mall had a mechanical motorcycle, race car and food truck! My kid was in heaven.

We have a ways to go to get this kid on board with proper restaurant etiquette and exploring past the finger foods. But I know that I am doing at least one thing right, imposing my interests on my child.