Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Did you know Bennett has a spot on the couch? The middle cushion. If he wants to sit there, you are not allowed to touch it, unless of course you're they're to act as a pillow. But for the love, blankets can't touch him, the throw pillows can't touch him and certainly we can't let Atticus touch him. It's his spot.

My son totally needs a translator. It's a good thing I am fluent in Bennett. Even when his enunciation is perfect, he needs a little help.

Spikes=splinters. "Mommy, my hand hurts. I have spikes."

Carbins=black birds. They are not robins or cardinals, they are carbins.

Beep it out=walk in reverse and beep like a dump truck.

On top of the couch-sitting particularities and funny word associations, my child has developed a rather quirky bedtime routine. We read books, then brush our teeth, followed promptly by hide and go seek. We wrestle him into pajamas, read more books. When we can finally turn out the light, we must lay on the floor with two blankies and a teddy bear. We sing songs, but must start the routine with Old MacDonald. Did you know Old MacDonald had some hot dogs on his farm?

Another Bennett quirk is his love of the grocery store. It may have something to do with the free balloons and cookies. Now that Harris Teeter kindly put a place for him to enjoy said cookie, it's hard to get him to leave. That's normal, right?

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