Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What We Learned: 31 Months

As good as it gets with a 31 month old
Our 2.5 year old has become a little weasel. At his ripe old age, he has already learned to pit his parents against one another. If mommy says it's time to go, my little con-artist will reply "Daddy will take me back." It's amazing to me that he can pick up such tricks. That's not the only trick he's learned.

Bennett learned that dinosaurs growl just like bears.

We learned that he is quite the story teller.

Bennett learned that mommy is better at hiding than seeking.

We learned that Bennett scares easily.

Bennett learned about bird poop.

We learned that Bennett is scared of bird poop.

Bennett learned that not only white birds make white poop.

We learned that boys become fascinated by bodily functions at an early age.

Bennett learned that having an audience is reason enough to use the potty.

We learned we need to be invited to more parties to create such an audience.

Bennett learned he needs to make more friends. More friends equals more birthday parties. More birthday parties means more cake!

He let daddy take a picture!

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  1. With you as his mother, this kid better get used to bird poop.