Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July In Pictures

There are times in your life that you just want to fast forward and get it over with. July was one of those times for many reasons, vacations are behind us and the only thing on our agendas was work. Over the past three years, this space has been a place for me to write through my feelings and ramble about my adorable son without the guilt of boring friends and strangers. The monotony of life didn't need to be chronicled, but now that this month is behind me, there seems to be plenty of highlights I don't want to forget.

Bennett named our neighbor his best friend. We spend several nights a week on his porch playing with cars and trucks, running through the sprinkler and riding bikes. Who knew we would find a little bit of Mayberry in 12 South?

Bennett was promoted to the big kid class, which offers plenty of  educational activities. There was the magician, the puppet truck, zoo animals stopped by for a visit and now he is bringing home legitimate works of art!

This month we also discovered Bennett has a minor food allergy. I think we've identified the artificial flavoring in Aunt Jemima as the culprit. The poor kid has suffered eczema since he was a wee one, but a few weeks ago, his poor eye got swollen and droopy. We might have to start tapping our own maple trees to save our kid from future ailments.

Good thing he started cooking his own meals. Only problem being "the micawave has no battwies."

A whole month deeper into summer and I only crossed off one of my summer bucket list items, the Southern Living Idea House. Even my pint size companion could enjoy the experience when he discovered that the art was comfortable enough to sit on!

Monday, July 29, 2013

What We Learned: 33 Months

Maybe it's the promotion to the big kid class. Maybe it's the peer pressure from his friends, or maybe it's that staring down the barrel of three sends all toddler parents into a potty training frenzy. I think this age makes all parents nuts. All we can talk about with fellow parents involves underwear, potty chairs, incentives and bleach. It's embarrassing because it is honestly difficult to find things to discuss when even non-parents when conversation stalls and they ask about your kids the conversation swirls down the drain. I didn't want to become one of those people, but parenting a 34 month old boy has taught me that's it's all but inevitable.

Bennett learned that it's fun to stay up late.

We learned  that Independence Day parties are worth postponing bedtimes.

Bennett learned that fireworks are loud.

We learned that our kid can go from being the life of the party to the wallflower in one conversation.

Bennett learned that there are no toys at Daddy's office, "Can you believe that?"

We learned that our child doesn't really need toys. Golf clubs make perfectly fine yard tools and fire hoses.

Bennett learned that he may abandon his professional aspirations of construction worker or chef for the life of a groundskeeper.

We learned that while it appears one week we may have returned to dining out, a toddler may change their mind about the values of sitting in a chair or using inside voices.

Bennett learned that water tables are fine but slip n slides are kind of scary.

We learned that working mom guilt never goes away when you forget swimsuits, art supplies or their lunch.

Bennett learned that it's a good thing he has neighbors and grandparents that can pick up the slack.

We learned that M&M's and McQueen underpants are not worthy motivators.

Bennett learned that he can keep milking the treats and attention for quite some time.

You learned this isn't the end of theconversation.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Bucket List

It's hard to come back from vacation, nevertheless two back to back vacations. You feel like the months of anticipation and excitement are over and you are never again going to have that kind of fun again. It's back to the daily grind, the drudgery of lunch making, folding laundry and late-night business meetings. To find my way out of this rut, I've made a list of things to look forward to and enjoy this summer. Because, if you have to have post-vacation blues, it might as well be summertime.

1. Tour the Southern Living Idea House. I'm up for multiple visits, who wants to come with me?

2. Discover the only beach in Nashville, Percy Warner Park Beach.

3. Nashville Farmers Market. More peaches.

4. Make salsa with Bennett. My kid has a thing for kitchen appliances. Making his own dip will blow this little boy's mind, but hopefully not his tongue.

5. Fill my house with fresh flowers.

6. Make ice cream. Again with the kitchen appliances.

7. Arrington Vineyards. We'll leave the barnacle at home to save our scalp.

8. The Munro exhibit at Cheekwood.

9. Listening to the frogs and watching the lightning bugs from our front porch.

10. Plan our next trip.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Virginia is for Lovers

Last weekend we ventured back to Virginia for the wedding of some of Rocky's law school friends. The nuptials took place on a vintage riverboat that paddled the Potomac at sunset. It was the one day in the forecast that didn't guarantee rain and if that weren't lucky enough, we got to see a bald eagle as we cruised past the capitol building and the monuments. 

As thrilled as we were for the long-awaited union, we had lots of other reasons for the trip. There was a need for an Obama burger and Guapo's salsa, a desperation for some quality time with our best man, and a passion for a sermon from Father Leon. We also finally got to meet Tomber's offspring for the very first time, baby Grace. She was just as sweet and snuggly as I imagined. We also got to take a tour of their brand new home, within walking distance of our old one. Now, that's a heart breaker. 

We were once again reminded of all the old friends that made Virginia our home, and probably will always be a bit of who we are. We couldn't have asked for a better circle. They fixed our leaks, moved our boxes, warmed our house and rocked my baby. We'll probably be celebrating high school graduations, firm partnerships and presidential nominations before we have another occasion like this to bring this group together. We might have to invent a few more excuses because even after miles and years, it's like we still have a 703 area code. And maybe I always will.