Friday, July 5, 2013

Virginia is for Lovers

Last weekend we ventured back to Virginia for the wedding of some of Rocky's law school friends. The nuptials took place on a vintage riverboat that paddled the Potomac at sunset. It was the one day in the forecast that didn't guarantee rain and if that weren't lucky enough, we got to see a bald eagle as we cruised past the capitol building and the monuments. 

As thrilled as we were for the long-awaited union, we had lots of other reasons for the trip. There was a need for an Obama burger and Guapo's salsa, a desperation for some quality time with our best man, and a passion for a sermon from Father Leon. We also finally got to meet Tomber's offspring for the very first time, baby Grace. She was just as sweet and snuggly as I imagined. We also got to take a tour of their brand new home, within walking distance of our old one. Now, that's a heart breaker. 

We were once again reminded of all the old friends that made Virginia our home, and probably will always be a bit of who we are. We couldn't have asked for a better circle. They fixed our leaks, moved our boxes, warmed our house and rocked my baby. We'll probably be celebrating high school graduations, firm partnerships and presidential nominations before we have another occasion like this to bring this group together. We might have to invent a few more excuses because even after miles and years, it's like we still have a 703 area code. And maybe I always will.

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