Monday, July 29, 2013

What We Learned: 33 Months

Maybe it's the promotion to the big kid class. Maybe it's the peer pressure from his friends, or maybe it's that staring down the barrel of three sends all toddler parents into a potty training frenzy. I think this age makes all parents nuts. All we can talk about with fellow parents involves underwear, potty chairs, incentives and bleach. It's embarrassing because it is honestly difficult to find things to discuss when even non-parents when conversation stalls and they ask about your kids the conversation swirls down the drain. I didn't want to become one of those people, but parenting a 34 month old boy has taught me that's it's all but inevitable.

Bennett learned that it's fun to stay up late.

We learned  that Independence Day parties are worth postponing bedtimes.

Bennett learned that fireworks are loud.

We learned that our kid can go from being the life of the party to the wallflower in one conversation.

Bennett learned that there are no toys at Daddy's office, "Can you believe that?"

We learned that our child doesn't really need toys. Golf clubs make perfectly fine yard tools and fire hoses.

Bennett learned that he may abandon his professional aspirations of construction worker or chef for the life of a groundskeeper.

We learned that while it appears one week we may have returned to dining out, a toddler may change their mind about the values of sitting in a chair or using inside voices.

Bennett learned that water tables are fine but slip n slides are kind of scary.

We learned that working mom guilt never goes away when you forget swimsuits, art supplies or their lunch.

Bennett learned that it's a good thing he has neighbors and grandparents that can pick up the slack.

We learned that M&M's and McQueen underpants are not worthy motivators.

Bennett learned that he can keep milking the treats and attention for quite some time.

You learned this isn't the end of theconversation.

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