Thursday, August 30, 2012

What We Learned: 22 Months

I'm not sure when the switch flipped, but it flipped.  We stopped counting months and answering folks with, "he will be two years old in October."  You guys, my baby boy will be two in two month!  Ack. As we hurrdle towards two, the learning seems to both slow and speed up, for all of us.

Bennett learned to walk backwards.

We learned that "huh?" is the answer to just about everything.

Bennett learned that funky socks are pretty cool.

We learned that just because you outgrew newborn socks months ago doesn't mean the pain isn't worth it for FIRETRUCKS!

Bennett learned that running through imaginary sprinklers is almost as much fun as real sprinklers.

We learned that Bennett isn't a picky eater if he's dining at McDonald's.

Bennett learned that pancakes are pretty cool. His words.

We learned that when we stopped to write down how many words he has these days, it's 140 and counting.

Bennett learned to count to ten.

We learned that he still doesn't like 3 or 4.

Bennett learned shapes, circle, triangle, square.

We learned that a little boys' preoccupation with hearts is sweeter than honey.

Bennett learned that backhoes are for digging holes and bulldozers are for leveling the ground.

We learned he thinks he's pretty.  We think so too.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Flashback Friday: Tweet Tweet

My dad still talks about this sweathsirt, my Tweety Bird shirt.  It was a Christmas gift from my Grandma June and I was totally enamored with it.  I thought it was so special that it should be worn with a fancy skirt and matching tights.  I'm sure I was wearing my yellow and purple Chuck Taylors to draw out the gold hues in the screenprint. 

This is also photographic evidence of my buck-tooth phase.  Thankfully, the era was short lived because I still had my baby teeth and I didn't actually have buck-teeth.  My sweet babysitter had a granddaughter a few years older than me, Jessica.  She was tall and blonde and in elementary school.  Jessica also had buck-teeth, bless her heart.  I wanted nothing more than be just like her, toothy grin and all.  It's kind of funny that I wanted a Tweety shirt than a bugs bunny one, no?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Glimpse

I had a lovely and sweet birthday, however, it has left me with a lingering question.  Am I now middle aged?  Is 30 halfway to somewhere?  I've been singing quarter-life crisis for almost a decade, so am I now just entering mid-life? 

The day itself also played out in a way to feel like a pivotal moment. The day was equal parts memories of my past and glimpses of my future. The day started with a reminder of my past with all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast with my mom and dad. We were too busy flipping our own pancakes and corraling my munchkin in a restaurant to take photos. I did however get a photo of my child in the parking lot.  The mailbox got a better birthday hug than I did.
When he woke up from his nap, he treated me to the sweetest lunch. He voluntarily shared his grilled cheese with me. Nothing says "happy birthday, mom, I love you" quite like sharing your second favorite food (only behind pancakes).  But don't you expect me to share mine with you kid, even on your birthday. 
 Rocky finally got home from work to join me for dinner and drinks. We went to the famed Patterson House for cocktails. It left me wondering how many more years until they quit carding me at the door.  We sat next to an older gentleman that ordered a glass of wine with ice cubes.  I hope that wasn't a glimpse into my future.

Dinner was divine at the Hermitage Hotel where I savored the sweet onion bisque.  Then, Rocky surprised me with a night at the hotel.  A full night of uninterrupted sleep, yet another reminder of my youth I tell ya. 

Since our curfew wasn't for another twelve hours or so, we made our way to Broadway for a little honky-tonking.  I decided I was too old to stand in line for my favorite, so we just went in the one next door.  The room was full of thirty, forty, fifty-somethings who all looked like they wanted to be somewhere else.  You know you have crossed over into the old-side when the lady stops and asks you where you bought your blouse.  Man, now I dress like one too!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Things that make you go hmm...

The past week or so has had a few moments where I really wonder what is wrong with people.

1. Todd Akin's remarks

2. Skinny dipping in the Sea of Galilee

3. New high rise proposed in Nashville

4. Sign at the Wilson County Fair for a Photography Exhibit

It's good to see that crazy people aren't just limited to Tennessee...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What We Learned: 360 Months

I learned that I am really that awkward.
I learned that I kind of like being awkward.
I learned that nothing good happens to girls after midnight.
I learned how to handle my curly hair.
I learned that beauty fades at 26.
I learned that if you want something done right, you best do it yourself.
I learned that I love beets.
I learned that marrying your best friend can be the best decision you ever make.
I learned that a good laugh and a good cry are both necessary for good mental health.
I learned to talk to God but I need to learn how to listen.
I learned that few things are more difficult than patience and parenting.  The two are not unrelated.
I learned how to make a souffle.
I learned to be a hugger.
I learned that even old farts like to celebrate a birthday.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Granny Style

My father's mother, Dorothy, had fabulous style. She was always dressed to the nines in gorgeous silk dresses, bold belts, and the perfect little Ferragamo or Fendi shoes.  Even her perfume perfectly complimented her personality, warm and striking.  Walking in Nordstroms feels like walking into my grandmother's closet as 80s style has resurfaced over the past few years.  Bows and shoe jewelry on kitten heels, gold broaches and cinched waistlines were the epitome of Grandma Dorothy Chic.

Her home design was no different.  My grandparents' house in Naples was a beautiful ranch built around the pool, or lanai as Floridians might call it.  One half of the house was grandkid safe, with brown shag carpet and brown furniture.  The other half of the house was white and yellow and very, "do not touch."  In fact, I sat in the formal dining room, even at Christmas and Thanksgiving. 

At the center of the formal living room was a gorgeous glass coffee table with a gold sheaf of wheat (Alpha Love Y'all) base.  Sure enough, just like Grandma's style, her taste in home design has come back for a resurgence too.  I'm seeing it everywhere. 

I'm not sure whatever happened to that table, but it would look mighty fine in my Christmas Tree Room.  It's not exactly kid-friendly, but maybe velvet ropes can be a statement piece?

I may have to start a semi-regular ala Flashback Friday entitled, "Things I Want But Cannot Have Tuesday."  It would include things like, a comment function that works, a level kitchen floor, and the entire J.Crew Fall 2012 catalog, most especially this dress.  I think the segment might run a little longer than FF. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

I Might Be A Bad Mom

Parenting is a humbling experience.  If I have said it once, I've said it a million times.  In fact, just last week I was mentally drafting a funny post titled, "You might be a bad mom..."

If you have ever let your child play with uncooked rice on might be a bad mom.

If you have ever taken away a piece of cheese from the dog and handed it back to your child because the fight isn't worth might be a bad mom.

If you leave your child unattended with jelly might be a bad mom.

But then Saturday I had a not so funny story I could contribute.  We were on our way to a Harvest Party at a local vineyard ( might be a bad mom), to watch a free concert and a hot air balloon show.  We packed a picnic supper, remembered the bug spray, the sunscreen, and a hat.  Naps, the weather and the traffic all cooperated.  I could hardly believe our luck.

We set up camp and went to explore the fountains, introduce ourselves to the big kids, and check out the hill.  Bennett was walking down the gravel path when smack, his forehead met the rocks.  There was blood everywhere.  An employee witnessed his trip and rushed us to the staff kitchen.  An off-duty medic came to inspect the wound, a 1/4" puncture right in the middle of his forehead.  A goose egg bigger than a chicken's was forming beneath it.  Thankfully, the medic said that the scalp just bleeds profusely and always looks worse than it is.  It wouldn't require stitches, but Bennett wouldn't let us come near him with ice or a bandage. 

After people finally left him alone, Bennett was fine and smiley.  During the drive home, he was busy making jokes about his stinky feet, telling the tale about his booboo.  Mom, on the other-hand was feeling awful.  Twice on my watch, I let my child trip and fall.  Twice, he lost his footing and fell head-first.  My mommy instincts were just a touch too slow to catch him.  I already have Working-Mom Guilt, My Child Only Eats Bread and Cheese Guilt, and now I have, My Child Can Never Have Short Hair Guilt.

At least I won't have I Have Never Taken My Child to See a Hot Air Balloon Guilt.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Fair

This morning Grandma and Grandpa Ski joined me as we ventured out for Bennett's first trip to the County Fair.  Poor dad was stuck at work on a Saturday.  I made the mistake of telling Bennett about the fair during bedtime on Thursday.  He jumped up from putting on his pajamas and said, "I go fair.  See amamals."  Poor kid was heartbroken to learn that he had to wait two whole days.

 He could hardly contain his excitement when the big day finally arrived.  Yet, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the winning exhibit was the tractor display. 
The fair has changed a lot since I was a kid.  The enterprise is much more sanitary.  There was a children's exhibit where we saw faux chickens, sheared stuffed sheep, collected fake eggs, picked plastic apples and fished for mechanical trout.

Bennett has a lot to learn about planting crops.  

Cheeks full of animal crackers.  The Minnesotans were sad to learn there were no corn dogs, alligator on a stick, cheese curds or Miss Martha's cookies. 

We're still finding kernels in his pockets.

Maybe it is a good thing the fruit and the fish were not real.  When Bennett encountered a live animal, he socked poor Juanita the Llama in the face.  He also really wanted to climb in the pig pen with the baby piglets. I think his squeals might have convinced the other pigs he belonged there.

Friday, August 3, 2012

My Olympic Highlight Reel

Last week, I kept hearing from every Tom, Dick and Harry how excited they were about the olympics.  I really didn't understand all of the hullabaloo since I'm more of a winter olympics kind of gal myself.  I think it's because I was raised in the Age of Kristi Yamaguchi
Nice coif Kristi
Much to my surprise, I was pulled into the olympics vortex courtesy of Becks and the torch.  I turned on the opening ceremonies just as he cruised into the marina.  I can't say I am disappointed to have missed Britain's Ode to Public Healthcare.

Becks is bringing back the wave.
Missy Franklin is the next Michael Phelps, not Lochte.  If she was a decade older and got over her love of the Biebs, maybe we would be friends.

I have never had a crush on a swimmer before, but Nathan Adrian may have changed that.

Woot to Gabby Douglas.  She is just the cutest thing since baby bunnies.  I'm looking forward to seeing her face everywhere.

I really didn't think I'd watch much.  But then two nights this week, I went to check the time and it's about fourteen hours past my bedtime.  Anyone else enjoying the games?