Thursday, August 30, 2012

What We Learned: 22 Months

I'm not sure when the switch flipped, but it flipped.  We stopped counting months and answering folks with, "he will be two years old in October."  You guys, my baby boy will be two in two month!  Ack. As we hurrdle towards two, the learning seems to both slow and speed up, for all of us.

Bennett learned to walk backwards.

We learned that "huh?" is the answer to just about everything.

Bennett learned that funky socks are pretty cool.

We learned that just because you outgrew newborn socks months ago doesn't mean the pain isn't worth it for FIRETRUCKS!

Bennett learned that running through imaginary sprinklers is almost as much fun as real sprinklers.

We learned that Bennett isn't a picky eater if he's dining at McDonald's.

Bennett learned that pancakes are pretty cool. His words.

We learned that when we stopped to write down how many words he has these days, it's 140 and counting.

Bennett learned to count to ten.

We learned that he still doesn't like 3 or 4.

Bennett learned shapes, circle, triangle, square.

We learned that a little boys' preoccupation with hearts is sweeter than honey.

Bennett learned that backhoes are for digging holes and bulldozers are for leveling the ground.

We learned he thinks he's pretty.  We think so too.

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