Friday, August 17, 2012

Granny Style

My father's mother, Dorothy, had fabulous style. She was always dressed to the nines in gorgeous silk dresses, bold belts, and the perfect little Ferragamo or Fendi shoes.  Even her perfume perfectly complimented her personality, warm and striking.  Walking in Nordstroms feels like walking into my grandmother's closet as 80s style has resurfaced over the past few years.  Bows and shoe jewelry on kitten heels, gold broaches and cinched waistlines were the epitome of Grandma Dorothy Chic.

Her home design was no different.  My grandparents' house in Naples was a beautiful ranch built around the pool, or lanai as Floridians might call it.  One half of the house was grandkid safe, with brown shag carpet and brown furniture.  The other half of the house was white and yellow and very, "do not touch."  In fact, I sat in the formal dining room, even at Christmas and Thanksgiving. 

At the center of the formal living room was a gorgeous glass coffee table with a gold sheaf of wheat (Alpha Love Y'all) base.  Sure enough, just like Grandma's style, her taste in home design has come back for a resurgence too.  I'm seeing it everywhere. 

I'm not sure whatever happened to that table, but it would look mighty fine in my Christmas Tree Room.  It's not exactly kid-friendly, but maybe velvet ropes can be a statement piece?

I may have to start a semi-regular ala Flashback Friday entitled, "Things I Want But Cannot Have Tuesday."  It would include things like, a comment function that works, a level kitchen floor, and the entire J.Crew Fall 2012 catalog, most especially this dress.  I think the segment might run a little longer than FF. 


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