Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Glimpse

I had a lovely and sweet birthday, however, it has left me with a lingering question.  Am I now middle aged?  Is 30 halfway to somewhere?  I've been singing quarter-life crisis for almost a decade, so am I now just entering mid-life? 

The day itself also played out in a way to feel like a pivotal moment. The day was equal parts memories of my past and glimpses of my future. The day started with a reminder of my past with all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast with my mom and dad. We were too busy flipping our own pancakes and corraling my munchkin in a restaurant to take photos. I did however get a photo of my child in the parking lot.  The mailbox got a better birthday hug than I did.
When he woke up from his nap, he treated me to the sweetest lunch. He voluntarily shared his grilled cheese with me. Nothing says "happy birthday, mom, I love you" quite like sharing your second favorite food (only behind pancakes).  But don't you expect me to share mine with you kid, even on your birthday. 
 Rocky finally got home from work to join me for dinner and drinks. We went to the famed Patterson House for cocktails. It left me wondering how many more years until they quit carding me at the door.  We sat next to an older gentleman that ordered a glass of wine with ice cubes.  I hope that wasn't a glimpse into my future.

Dinner was divine at the Hermitage Hotel where I savored the sweet onion bisque.  Then, Rocky surprised me with a night at the hotel.  A full night of uninterrupted sleep, yet another reminder of my youth I tell ya. 

Since our curfew wasn't for another twelve hours or so, we made our way to Broadway for a little honky-tonking.  I decided I was too old to stand in line for my favorite, so we just went in the one next door.  The room was full of thirty, forty, fifty-somethings who all looked like they wanted to be somewhere else.  You know you have crossed over into the old-side when the lady stops and asks you where you bought your blouse.  Man, now I dress like one too!

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