Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What We Learned: 39 Months

Living with a thirty-nine month old kid I imagine is a lot like living with a thirty-nine month old man. They think they know everything and won't listen to a darn thing a woman says. We have spent some quality time correcting and disciplining lately. If it wasn't for spontaneous hugs and requests for kisses, there are times when I wish I could move his belongings to the front lawn.

Bennett learned that mommy will let you stay up til nearly midnight and scream inside once a year.

We learned that it's worth dealing with a drowsy dude to have an evening of adult conversation.

Bennett learned that even though you may have twelve days off of school for winter break and snow days, eventually you need to go back to learning your letters and using inside voices.

We learned that ten days off isn't as much fun when you're stuck inside, new Christmas toys, pirate ships and all.

Bennett learned to differences between a fire truck, rescue vehicle and fire chief car.

We learned that books, boats, and rescue trucks have much greater value when the giver is gone.

Bennett learned the power of holding his tongue.

We learned that the kid doesn't mind sitting on the stair for an hour.

Bennett learned all the words to the Lord's prayer.

We learned to forgive his trespasseses.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hey June

Sometimes I am silent because I have nothing nice to say and sometimes I am silent because I have too much to say. This time it's a little bit of both.

My grandma June passed away today. I know everyone feels that their grandparent is one in a million, but mine really was. She was silent but strong, meek but not mild. She went on dates and played poker and nursed a scotch and soda at every holiday. She would have liked to wear turtlenecks even in the summer because at 80 she wanted to cover the wrinkles on her neck. Grandma sent us Valentines and Thanksgiving cards with a million stickers on the envelope. She wrote "happy birthday" in quotation marks. Her favorite memories of her time in France involve burlesque dancers. It is so very appropriate that we will be celebrating her life at a bowling alley.

Grandma June was the first person to hear I was pregnant besides my parents. She was so thrilled you could feel her scrunch her body with a giggle of gratitude. With our trials of the past year, it felt like she was fighting with me, praying even though she's not a prayer. June wasn't a baby person, but she wanted the best for everyone, always.

My cousins helped write a book of memories and photographs for her Christmas present. There were lots of stories about celebrating twenty-first birthdays with her, but also memories of Thanksgiving Yiftis and Christmas pajamas. There were surprising additions too, memories of digging for worms and dancing in a parade. I'm not sure we all did her justice because none of us deserved the millions of little ways she showed she loved us. Now those memories and pictures are at the top of a large stack, one that I wish we could keep adding to.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

B is for Bennett and Beyonce

It came to my attention recently that there is another someone else calling themselves B, Ms. BeyoncĂ© Giselle Knowles-Carter, or as some of you may know as BeyoncĂ©. I just call her Queen Bey, but whatever. Besides monikers it does appear that Bennett and Queen Bey have a few other things in common. 

Maple Syrup Diet

For Bennett's second year he consisted mostly on pancakes and syrup. Then, we discovered he was allergic to artificial syrup. Once upon a time, Beyonce started a new diet craze called the maple syrup diet. I'll do just about anything to prevent this situation again:

For the Love of Target

Or at least she liked Target on Facebook. Bennett loves Target. On our last drive to the farm, he informed us that all the trucks on the road were making deliveries to Target.

They like fish

Queen B broke her vegan diet by eating fish. Bennett broke his carb and cheese diet by discovering popcorn shrimp.

They like cake.

They feel the same way about pants.

In fact, Bennett makes this same face when we ask him to wear pants.

So maybe this was just an excuse to dust off some old Bennett pics again. I just want to be sure there isn't any confusion who B is in these here parts. Because man does this kid have a future in entertaining. I'm not so sure I have a future in backup dancing, or singing because heck, I have pants on. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

I realize this post is a little late, but I finally had a minute to download photos while stuck at home with our first snow day of 2014. Of course, the snow required for a snow day is about as real as Santa. Therefore, I figure I remain relevant, even 11 days later. Without further adieu, my Christmas photo dump!

Our nine foot tree that required the emptying of our mad money fund and moving two pieces of very heavy furniture. Now that the tree is gone, we had to purchase new furniture because someone's patience does not allow for old furniture to be returned to it's rightful home. Got that? Post forthcoming. (Hope you can wait at least 11 days.)

Obligatory Christmas jammie picture.

A Cars umbrella! Everyone was surprised but me that this was such a hit.

About fourteen presents in, the child was still asking where the "monster truck with buttons was."


Bennett explaining where Santa, not the presents, come from.

He wasn't quite sure how Santa delivered a tent to his room while he was sleeping and not quite certain how it got down that chimney. But that present was money honey.

We did eventually put clothes on, pants even!

The grandparents arrived, showered the kid with even more presents and we ate some things. In true Bennett fashion the more ornate and the more raucous gifts were overlooked in light of a new collection of books. Even at three, it's becoming apparent that my child's desire for simple make-believe things will be snubbed in favor of the virtual and the violent. It's just my hope that the magic of it all keeps us all entertained and happy for another year or two.

The greatest gift of all this season and always is that precious boy and our little family.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Onward and Upward

I am trying to keep resolutions this year simple: no more negativity. We have plenty of things to worry about, but I don't want to bore you, my friends or my family by the little hamsters racing in my mind. I know I have pushed some friends (virtual and otherwise) away with my fears and my honesty. I need to learn a little from Hannah Horvath and quit the over-sharing.

Or worse. Yikes.

I have so much to be grateful for and I don't want the challenges to overcome the good stuff. 2013 was a doozie and I am happy to be turning the page and welcome 2014 with gusto. Feel free to slap me when I start whining again in February. I'll do the same when I see you put that pain au chocolat into your pie hole. Happy New Years!