Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What We Learned: 39 Months

Living with a thirty-nine month old kid I imagine is a lot like living with a thirty-nine month old man. They think they know everything and won't listen to a darn thing a woman says. We have spent some quality time correcting and disciplining lately. If it wasn't for spontaneous hugs and requests for kisses, there are times when I wish I could move his belongings to the front lawn.

Bennett learned that mommy will let you stay up til nearly midnight and scream inside once a year.

We learned that it's worth dealing with a drowsy dude to have an evening of adult conversation.

Bennett learned that even though you may have twelve days off of school for winter break and snow days, eventually you need to go back to learning your letters and using inside voices.

We learned that ten days off isn't as much fun when you're stuck inside, new Christmas toys, pirate ships and all.

Bennett learned to differences between a fire truck, rescue vehicle and fire chief car.

We learned that books, boats, and rescue trucks have much greater value when the giver is gone.

Bennett learned the power of holding his tongue.

We learned that the kid doesn't mind sitting on the stair for an hour.

Bennett learned all the words to the Lord's prayer.

We learned to forgive his trespasseses.

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