Friday, August 3, 2012

My Olympic Highlight Reel

Last week, I kept hearing from every Tom, Dick and Harry how excited they were about the olympics.  I really didn't understand all of the hullabaloo since I'm more of a winter olympics kind of gal myself.  I think it's because I was raised in the Age of Kristi Yamaguchi
Nice coif Kristi
Much to my surprise, I was pulled into the olympics vortex courtesy of Becks and the torch.  I turned on the opening ceremonies just as he cruised into the marina.  I can't say I am disappointed to have missed Britain's Ode to Public Healthcare.

Becks is bringing back the wave.
Missy Franklin is the next Michael Phelps, not Lochte.  If she was a decade older and got over her love of the Biebs, maybe we would be friends.

I have never had a crush on a swimmer before, but Nathan Adrian may have changed that.

Woot to Gabby Douglas.  She is just the cutest thing since baby bunnies.  I'm looking forward to seeing her face everywhere.

I really didn't think I'd watch much.  But then two nights this week, I went to check the time and it's about fourteen hours past my bedtime.  Anyone else enjoying the games?

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