Saturday, August 18, 2012

What We Learned: 360 Months

I learned that I am really that awkward.
I learned that I kind of like being awkward.
I learned that nothing good happens to girls after midnight.
I learned how to handle my curly hair.
I learned that beauty fades at 26.
I learned that if you want something done right, you best do it yourself.
I learned that I love beets.
I learned that marrying your best friend can be the best decision you ever make.
I learned that a good laugh and a good cry are both necessary for good mental health.
I learned to talk to God but I need to learn how to listen.
I learned that few things are more difficult than patience and parenting.  The two are not unrelated.
I learned how to make a souffle.
I learned to be a hugger.
I learned that even old farts like to celebrate a birthday.

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