Sunday, June 30, 2013

What We Learned: 32 Months

Bennett at 32 months is at the crossroads of toddler and little boy. This was never more obvious than our recent preschool conundrum. Many of his friends at school were recently promoted to a primary class. Since he is six months younger than them, we opted to keep him in his toddler room. A few days later, he was telling me at bedtime that it wasn't his turn to go to the little house. He explained that he needed to grow and get older. My heart hurt for my baby. He felt left behind. Shortly after, he started saying he didn't want to go to school and crying at drop-off. It was obvious to me and his teachers that holding him back wasn't the right decision and it was time to promote him after all. He would be in a class with kids who know how to tie their own shoes, count to 100, make their beds, and even read. As much as I want that for my child one day, it seemed too soon. I totally cried on the drive to work.

But this sweet in-between stage also forces me to make him walk because he's getting too heavy. Then, he will look up at me and say, "I not growing, I smaller." I just love this growing, learning boy.

Bennett learned that his classmates use the toilet.

We learned that we have entered the phase of parenthood where all conversations morph into tales of potty training.

Bennett learned that mom and dad are good at nagging.

We learned that B is not "ready for big boy underpants." (at the top of his lungs!)

Bennett learned the power of indecision, "maybe yes, maybe no."

We learned to be more specific with our questions.

Bennett learned he does like a green vegetable.

We learned that our child prefers his swiss chard straight off the plant.

Bennett learned not to be scared of the ocean.

We learned to give up on the beach.

Bennett learned that he is a good car driver, but a fast motor cycle driver.

We learned that its ok if our favorite part of a vacation is your child's ridiculous grin go around and around.

Bennett learned that road trips are for junk food.

We learned the key to survival in the car is a dvd player and hugs.

Bennett learned its a good thing to have the cows, the grandparents and the farm all to yourself once in a while.

We learned that its a good thing to have generous in-laws.

Bennett learned to believe in magic.

"I said, 'how you do that.'"

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