Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beach Boy

Surprise! We were at the beach last week! I didn't want the professional blog stalkers to turn into real life burglars while were gone and steal my cookbook collection.

Rocky's family has been taking trips to Myrtle Beach for years, decades? I think they have dreamed about taking their grandchild to the beach since the moment they learned we were making them grandparents. It only took us three years to find the time to make the trek. Or rather, we thought we found the time. Poor Rocky had to stay behind for an extra day or two to work.

Mimi, Papa Rock, B and I drove the 8 hours to the beach and our little man was a true rock star in the car. He read books, snacked, and didn't rest his eyes once, much to my dismay. I think it may have had to do with a surprise from his daddy.
If he hadn't been such a trooper all trip, I'd be saying we've created a screen monster. I know I shouldn't complain because he called it his compuder and went straight to bed every time we asked. I'm not sure if it was the movies or the salty air, but I'm grateful nonetheless.

First photo from the beach, and the closest we got to a family photo. Such a crime!

Truthfully, we didn't have the greatest weather this trip. Mostly cloudy and highs in the upper 70s. In South Carolina! In June! Crazy talk. But Bennett didn't seem to mind or care. He was too busy.

If you asked me what the highlight of the trip was, I'd have to admit it was our evening at the Boardwalk. It was our first successful carnival ride adventure. My little man took his driving responsibilities incredibly seriously, but every time his car circled back around to his mommy, he got the goofiest grin. He was having the time of his life and my tummy hurt from laughing. 

It was wonderful to take a break from our routines, enjoy some fresh seafood and introduce Bennett to the ocean. If it wasn't for the encouragement and generosity from Mimi and Papa (and the decades old tradition), I'm sure we'd still be fantasizing about our first family vacation instead of reminiscing. Here's to next time!

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