Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We Must Be Doing Something Right

My little boy decided to reward me for weeks of crazy bedtime routines. Sunday afternoon at nap time, I asked him if he wanted to thank Jesus for anything special. His response, "Thank you Jesus for bubbles, cookies and cheeseburgers." About what I expected. Then he surprised me, "thank you for my family and my teachers." This kid is two, not seven. Apparently, Elmo and Teddy Grahams are paying off in the church nursery more than I thought.

That same night, I went to tuck him in after attending a bbq where he was the only one under the age of 29. I thanked him for being such a good boy and not poking anyone in the eyeballs with the s'mores sticks. I think he understood the compliment. "Thank you mommy for reading me books." My heart melted a little.

I may let him watch Cars one too many times and I may let him get away with going to bed without brushing his teeth more often than I should. But it's these moments that show what a little miracle I'm raising and he might not turn out half bad.
And I also let him eat chips and guacamole, but at least not when he orders it for breakfast.

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