Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Welcome To The Family!

My mom's family welcomed a new baby girl to clan on Monday evening. My cousin Casey gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Evangeline Marie. She was a little stinker and decided to wait fourteen days past her scheduled arrival to make her debut. But she's finally here and no doubt going to grace the O'Rourkes with her fair share of shenanigans.

It's an incredible feeling seeing people you've known a lifetime become a parent. This tiny bundle is a monumental reminder of thirty years of shared memories and friendship. Casey was there for sleepovers with Kirsten and Samantha, roughed it on the prairie, tested my first soufflĂ©, hosted my baby shower, said a prayer at our wedding and met the rough end of my snow shovel one fateful Thanksgiving. Now, she get's to join me in the adventures of parenthood.

I am looking forward to the requests for sleep advice, sippy cup recommendations and sympathetic hugs. But she was a smart cookie and found a partner in Nick that will no doubt help with the late nights and the diaper dramas to come. She's also lucky to have one heck of a family here to cheer her on and love her, near and far.

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