Sunday, June 2, 2013

Six Years

Today I celebrate the day I married my best friend. Sometimes, it is hard to look at those young kids with the trim waistlines and peppy optimism knowing what we know now. The path we have taken is a far cry from the dreams we made six years ago. I know it isn't all rainbows and sunshine for everyone else, but don't tell a budding bride that. I'm sure glad no one told me..or maybe I'm just glad I ignored them.

I know that despite our bumpy journey, I couldn't have asked for a better partner. Rocky has been my rock, my cheerleader and my companion. God gave me a man who enjoys relaxing on the couch as much as he does exploring new restaurants or watching me try on new shoes. He works hard for me, Bennett and our future. I hope our son will grow to be as good a husband and father. Should we have a daughter one day, may she be as lucky as her momma. Love you Rocky.

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