Friday, August 19, 2011

A Week-and-Year Review

I had a pretty fabulous week.  You already heard about my drive, but you haven't seen the pictures.

Don't worry, the car was in park.
Jenni's for ice cream
Rocky gets bored and I get texts like this
I came home to streamers and balloons.  I am told it was Bennett's idea.
I had a great week, a great birthday and I have to say a pretty fabulous year.  My very biggest dreams came true this year.  I became a mom.  I have a beautiful son.  I got a great new job.  I moved to Nashville.  I get to be near my family again. 

Last night over dinner, Rocky and I discussed our before we turn thirty bucket list.  (I'm big into lists, donchaknow.)  I had a really hard time dreaming of things I haven't accomplished yet.  I've been to Paris.  Married a wonderful man.  Bought my first house.  Climbed a mountain.  Swam in the ocean.  Talked to God. 

Sure things aren't always rainbows and sunshine.  Houses could be cleaner.  Bank accounts could be bigger.  Jean sizes could be smaller.  Friends could be closer.  But today, I am happy, content and blessed.  Grateful.  And full of cheese.

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