Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What We Learned: 36 Months

We have known that Bennett was a miracle from the first fleck of a heartbeat we saw on an ultrasound. When we met that slimey, screaming, hairy newborn we knew he was a miracle. When we dedicated our wide-eyed baby we knew he was a miracle. When he finally crawled, finally walked, finally talked, we knew he was a miracle. On his third birthday, the knowledge of what a pure, sweet, amazing miracle our child proves to be day in and day out is still a surprise, still a miracle. Getting to witness this child grow and become his own little person has been such a delightful journey. Three years later I am proud to say I am not taking that for granted.

Bennett learned that you can celebrate birthdays for days.

We learned that one celebration calls for pancakes, one for doughnuts, and one for cake.

Bennett learned that he is three years old.

We learned that sometimes he's two and sometimes he's five and to just nod and go with it.

Bennett learned that bats are interesting, witches are scary, and mom is a princess.

We learned that it's normal to come home and find a nekkid little kid coloring, fighting snakes or playing trains.

Bennett learned to master the juice box.

We learned that everything is still splattered with milk and shoulders are covered in drool.

Bennett learned how to drive a truck, buckle in a baby dinosaur, and load the truck.

We learned this is the age of exploding imaginations.

Bennett learned that instruction manuals, calendars and coloring books tell the best stories.

Bennett learned to have opinions on jackets, underwear, socks and footwear.

We learned that our kid has some mad fashion skills, when he chooses to put pants on that is.

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