Friday, December 19, 2014

We interrupt this silence

I wrote a post a few weeks ago, and didn't hit publish. You should all know how this story ends, but let's rewind a bit, shall we?


To shed a little light on what it's like to be 32 weeks pregnant with twin babies. It goes a little something like this.

Geeze, all this wiggling and kicking. Give me a break!
Oh shit, where did they go. I haven't felt anything.
Poke, prod, jiggle. Hi baby, thank you. Now, go wake up your brother and tell him he owes his momma some reassurance too.
Oww, that's enough.

Spend Sunday churching, grocery shopping and sitting on a park bench.
Wake up Monday freaked out by how much you hurt after all that "activity."

Tell your husband you're feeling really good lately.
Go shopping with your mom. You start running out of breath from picking hangers off the rack. Hangers sporting preemie sized clothing.
You drop something on the floor and look for the nearest husband, kid, dog to help you out because bending at the waist causes braxton hicks.

You gave up bread, spaghetti, pizza, donuts, cake and burritos to get pregnant. Make it to week 28 to discover your gluten-free lifestyle didn't stop you from getting gestational diabetes.
Your doctor let's you know that trail mix is a good low-carb snack, but limit your serving to one or two raisins.
Lose two pounds in three weeks.

But holy guacomole people, 32 weeks! That's for real. That's like we might get to take home two little boys real. Like, why are we not ready yet real? Hurray and huzzah and thank golly gee that everything is going so well.

20 weeks with Bennett
20 weeks with the Twins
35 weeks with Bennett
30 weeks with the Twins, same sweater! Bigger, Badder, Pointier

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