Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Cradle List

We might be crazy. Or I might just be a list-maker. Or both. When it became apparent that this baby was sticking with us for the long haul, Rocky and I started what we call our “Cradle List.” Some people start a bucket list to accomplish all those things they want to do before they die such as sky dive or learn to burp the alphabet. While we don’t equate parenting with death, life as we now know it will be coming to an abrupt end this fall. Most of the items are ways that Rocky and I can enjoy life as a twosome and relish being a couple, ways to enjoy quality couple time or simply things that need to get done before November. However, you will quickly learn that we equate couple time with eating.

2941- A Food Snob haven for all the folks who can successfully cross the Potomac.

Central- Michel Richard’s “casual” dining establishment in DC. I’ve been Rocky has not. You cannot become a parent without trying the giant Kit Kat dessert. Or the Cheezit flavored Gougers.

Clean the Garage- I imagine we’ll soon be filling it up with all the baby clothes I bought for the wrong gender. (Don’t worry I haven’t bought anything yet. But it’s just a matter of time).

Holocaust Museum-Perhaps not the best place to take a hormonal pregnant lady, but Rocky has never been.

Bake a souffle- I will not be attempting to master the art of French cooking, but I will bake a souffle while I still have time to babysit a souffle and not a munchkin.

Eammons- I don’t thing babies belong at an Irish pub house where you have to fight for a table. But I could surely go for some gourmet fish and chips.

Doggy Happy Hour- Atticus deserves some special attention, from strangers with funny looking dogs.

Jackson20-A baby? In a bar?

Nats Games-Dad come to town so I have an excuse to sunburn on a Saturday afternoon!

Picnic on the Mall- Brings back memories of being two poor interns.

New York-Check! But not getting a slice of pizza pie while in town may require us to make a second trip.

Walks Along the Potomac with Atticus

Newseum- We need to get our culture on.

Corduroy-Not the bear or the book, the restaurant we dined at prior to Rocky deciding he like it so much he put a ring on it.

I’ll eventually repost the list on the sidebar so everyone can keep track of our progress, or lack thereof.


  1. I think you should add sleep, sleep, and sleep some more to your list!

  2. I think it should be "I've been with my wonderful former roomie Whitley, Rocky has not." We must go back for more KitKat dessert when I come to visit in August. Otherwise, I LOVE the blog. More belly shots, please!