Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday: Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys

It’s another big weekend in the King household. We’re celebrating Bennett’s baptism on Sunday and we have family and friends traveling to town to mark the occasion.

We chose Rocky’s cousin, Jeremy, to be Bennett’s godfather. Jeremy is a few year’s older, few year’s wiser, but not much taller. I had been hearing stories for years about their shenanigans on the farm, building forts, riding bikes and roughhousing in barns.

One weekend in college, Rocky told me I could finally meet this Jeremy character at his band gig in Nashville. When I got there, I could hardly believe Rocky’s cousin would have a room full of women screaming his name. So, I figured if anyone could grow up to be so smart, so charming and even get women to fall for a fiddle player, he’d be a great role model for my son.

It was a year ago this weekend that changed Jeremy’s life and ours forever. Jeremy married a lovely lady named Katie and Rocky and I found out we were having a baby.

I was thrilled to have such a wonderful excuse to travel to Nashville and get a couple of days with both sets of our parents. The weather was beautiful. The ceremony was held at the church I attended when I was a student at Vanderbilt. I even had another reason to wear my favorite dress.

It was a beautiful wedding followed by the most amazing cocktail hour I have ever been a party to. In true Nashville fashion, the guests congregated at the hotel bar for sort of an open mic night. Jeremy’s friends are all insanely talented and performed a wide range of southern rock and country. After quite some goading, even Jeremy got up there with that fiddle.

Monday morning after we got back, I went to the doctor for a little blood test. The nurse left a voice mail on my phone and I patiently waited eight hours for Rocky and I to be together before getting the results. Rocky paced the dining room until we heard, “Congratulations girl! You’re pregnant.” My face hurt from smiling. Rocky's big goofy grin got even bigger.

It was rather unfortunate that we didn’t learn the news before we left for Tennessee. We would have been able to spill the beans in person. But I think getting to tell Big Rock over the phone might have been just as good. “Whooee!” emanated from the phone in his East Tennessee twang. Then we had to call back an hour later for Linda and pretend that Rock hadn’t heard the news yet. My good Midwestern parents just sat in silence and gratitude when they learned they’d be getting a grandbaby.

Here we are fifty-two weeks later with a precious baby boy and distracting from Jeremy and Katie’s first anniversary with another church service. I’m sure for the next fifty-two weeks and the next fifty-two years we’ll be reminiscing on how we all spent the last weekend of February 2010.

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