Monday, January 23, 2012

Of Toys and Men

Bennett's favorite toy in the world really isn't a toy, it's books.  His second favorite toy in the world isn't a toy either, it's kitchenware.  He loves to go into the kitchen, grab a pot and a spoon and have at it.  He isn't so much mimicking the act of cooking, but collecting trinkets for his pot from around the house and banging things together.  He also has a new-found affection for the salt and pepper shaker, the glass salt and pepper shaker.  Thankfully, they are industrial-strength and have yet to break, but the salt and pepper itself is causing quite a mess.  Genius mommy that I am, I set out to find Bennett a toy kitchen set.  I figured it's better he bang up the play pots rather than dragging around our adult culinary equipment.  

I ventured to Target to solve my little dilemma, as I often do.  I was thrilled to find a toy kitchen set that included a salt and pepper shaker.  But it was pink.  There was also a blender, pots and pans, spoons, dishes and even a grocery cart (or as they say here in the South, a buggy).  But even with several options to choose from, they were all pink or pastel.  I know I am not the first parent to promote busting gender stereotypes, so I cannot understand why the buyers at Target and the Chinese corporations that manufacture these plastic bits could not keep an open mind too.

Bennett's dad is rather progressive himself.  After all, he is responsible for most of the meals in our family.  But even he has (so far) vetoed baby dolls.  I didn't want to press my luck and fill our already plastic-filled house with pastels.  But  I have to stand up for my sons right to chose to be present in the kitchen.  Target just won't be making it easy on me.  Any advice for this open-minded momma?


  1. When Target doesn't have it, go to Amazon:

    Primary Colors! If the link doesn't work, search for Learning Resources Kitchen Set. It should be $28.09, so you also get free shipping. (It does say not for kids under 3 though)...

  2. I second this post, except re: cars and trucks. I wanted to buy Sophie some cars and trucks to drive around, but I didnt want to have to pick "pink" trucks. Boo on gender specific colors but otherwise neutral toys! :) Tell Bennett to rock his salt and pepper shakers. Sophie likes to get the chili powder out of the spice cabinet and then hide her pacifiers in there instead. One day she is going to get an unpleasant surprise when she pops the top of the chili powder....

  3. chandler has one in his room....all bells and whistles plus a few from my kitchen. It was Isabellas Xmas last yr. I found it through Walmart and got it site to store. It is all neutral colors. gender free. I also bought the set of primary colored pots and pans with dishes to go with. I have also seen them at toys r us. On ur lunch break, head over to kid to kid next to Costco, great place of gently used and new things. They always have a great selection of everything. Hope this helps.