Monday, October 29, 2012

What We Learned: 24 Months

My baby boy is two!  But if you ask him, he's not a baby, he is a big boy.  And it is true, at two he is no longer a baby.  He runs.  He jumps.  He yells and giggles and tells stories.  He fixes the roof and digs a hole and climbs the fence.  He is fearless and funny.  When the doctor announced we were having a boy, this is exactly the little person I dreamed of.  But two years ago I could never have imagined this day would arrive so soon.
Bennett learned he can do it.
We learned not to question it.
Bennett learned about emotions.
I learned he can learn an emotion and apply it to characters in a book, Curious George on tv and momma in the mornings.
Bennett learned to walk sideways.
We learned that he can fix it.
Bennett learned that his name isn't "me."
We learned that he thinks is name is "kid."
Bennett learned how to use a zipper.
We learned that it is his job.
Bennett learned that happy birthday to you typically ends with cake.
We learned that the song either ends with eating cake or screaming "cake!"
Bennett learned that on your birthday you turn six.
We learned that if two arrived this fast, six will be here soon enough as it is.

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