Monday, December 31, 2012

Chwistmas with a Two Yea Old

If I haven''t said it before, I'll say it again.  I wish I could spend every Christmas with a two year old.  They have a basic understanding of the decorations, the reindeer, the big man.  They can sing along to the music and point out the "decowations" from the back seat.  They get excited about the tree and most certainly, the pwesents.  They don't have that gimme gimme attitude just yet either.
The gimme gimme doesn't arrive until Christmas Eve when they get their first taste of present opening.  For Bennett, it didn't so much matter what was in the box, as long as it meant shredding of paper and moving on to the next package.  In fact, it didn't matter if the gift was for him, as long as it meant more, more!

Now, this is a good thing because I knew between the grandparents, aunts and cousins this kid was going to be spoiled and wouldn't give much credit to Santa or his parents.  Mommydaddy (we're frequently one word around here) gifted clothes and books.  Santa got a break with the requested hard hat, (play) food, fireman rainboots (that he won't wear), and play dough.  I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that the biggest hit was the $5 assorted play dough accessories.

There were many other winners this Christmas.  A cash register, "It works!" McQueen cars, two "hammas," a bowling set, and a socca ball.

 Guess what the socca ball is now used for! 

Occassionally, two yea olds remember to say "gank you."  If not, a hug will suffice.
And this will be the only family photo captured for all prosperity.
If you haven't already experienced a Christmas season with a two-year old, I highly recommend you do it .  At least once.  Maybe a few times.

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