Saturday, December 29, 2012

What We Learned: 26 Months

I probably shouldn't admit this, but there was a time I didn't think my child was all that smart.  When he was about ten months old and didn't give two hoots about crawling, never the less rolling over, I figured this kid to be a lazy one.  He would be enamored with an old box of junk for 40 minutes but wasn't too interested in age appropriate toys.  We all know he wasn't much of a talker until about a year ago.  But at 26 months, I am constantly impressed with his new skills and understanding. 
Yesterday, I explained to him that we had to put on his socks because it was cold in the house.  He said, "the air come out?"  I asked him "what air came out?"  "Outta the frigerator!"  Tell me, this kid isn't a genius.
Bennett learned not to be afraid of the bathtub or the barber.
We learned that it is possible to be cough and runny nose free during cold season. 
Bennett learned bilingual songs in preschool.
We learned Bennett knows more Spanish than his 1/4 Panamanian father.
Bennett learned how to fix everything in the house.
We learned a child can never have too many tools.
Bennett learned the words to Rudolph and Jingle Bells.
We learned that he really only likes to sing "HAY!"
Bennett learned that while Santa is a nice man, you don't want to get too close.
We learned that we should listen when he says, "no thank you."

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