Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What We Learned: 27 Months

I know I have commented on my child's manners before.  Yet, in the past month, his politeness has only continued to improve.  His unprompted please, thank you's, 'scuse me's, and the occassional sorry can almost make a mom forget those times he uses his hands instead of spoons, his sleeves instead of tissues, and those grabby-grab "mines."

Bennett learned to share his crackers, cheese and germs.

We learned to like soggy snacks.

Bennett learned to cover his mouth.

We learned a cough can be cute when masked with an "ebow."

Bennett learned that Atticus likes pancakes.

We learned Bennett is quite the tattle tail.

Bennett learned he likes music with his meal.

We learned that while iTunes has millions of versions of wheels on the bus, Bennett knows exactly what he wants and it's "not dat one!"

Bennett learned that sometimes mommy has a hard job too.

We learned that Rocky is useless without me.

Bennett learned to stay out of the way when daddy shakes the mayo without the lid on.

We learned that you should double check the refrigerator door.

Bennett learned that you have to say goodbye to "my favorite" butter when it melts everywhere.

We learned that a mayo-filled kitchen and a refrigerator of rotten food pales in comparison to a leaky roof.

Bennett learned that you better get as much mommy time as you can get.

We learned that sometimes you spend an entire evening with a toddler glued to your lap and ignore the mess in the kitchen.

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