Friday, March 29, 2013

What We Learned: 29 months

Bennett learned that daddy works with many doctors, but doesn't work with Dr. Seuss.

We learned that we can go out to dinner again if there are chips and salsa involved.

Bennett learned that not all red shirts are Alabama shirts.

We learned that he's already identified where his SEC pride lies.

Bennett learned how to get in and out of his carseat alone.

We learned we have entered the do it myself phase, for better or worse.

Bennett learned to zip his own jacket.

We learned to move our chin when he tries to zip our jacket.

Bennett learned to count past three without help.

We learned he knows what comes after six, but five is the new forgotten number.

Bennett learned the appropriate response when asked his age.

We learned he still doesn't know the appropriate response when asked his name.

Bennett learned to sing his abc's.

We learned that abc's must be sung at top volume, or when he is waking up.

Bennett learned he can use the potty chair like a big boy.

We learned that just because he's successful for five days, doesn't mean he'll keep it up.

Bennett learned to care for other people's feelings, asking "you ok?"

We learned that you might want to say no so you can squeeze in an extra hug.

Bennett learned that Atticus does not have opposable thumbs.

We learned that Bennett's empathy translates to animals "I'm sowwy, you can't color buddy."

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