Friday, March 1, 2013

What We Learned: 28 Months

Ever since Bennett was born, he wasn't much for hugs, kisses or cuddling.  He wanted you to hold and console him, but as soon as he felt better, putmedownputmedownputmedown.  One of hisgreatest surprises has been to watch him transition to an affectionate little boy.  Recently, he discovered an appreciation mommy's hugs, and has even started giving kisses...on the lips!  At this age, I am grateful that some things are just a phase, but this is one I wish would last.

Bennett learned how to turn the tv off.

We learned that it's ok if he turns off George, but not you.  Definitely not you.

Bennett learned that Buzz Lightyear is a nice guy.

We learned that "looking for days" is toddler-speak for minutes when it comes to a new "favorite toy."

Bennett learned that treats are for after dinner, or for visits to the grocery store.

We learned to follow through on promises, and that sometimes a two year old has ulterior motives.

Bennett learned that snow is not something that can be cleaned up.

We learned that schools can be closed for dust.

Bennett learned that even if you work hard, sometimes mommy doesn't want help.

We learned that paint trays should always be put away, even if you think they will dry overnight.

Bennett learned that fresh air can be liberating.

We learned it might be time to try the potty chair.

Bennett learned important spatial and time concepts, empty, right away...

We learned that "one more minute" might be used against us.

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