Sunday, September 29, 2013

What We Learned: 35 months

If days were weeks and weeks were months and months were years, Bennett would be middle aged. That's sort of how he feels these days. He is middle-aged between toddler and big kid. He is jaded enough he is no longer impressed by mom's silly faces, but not too old to cuddle. He is tall enough to climb a bar stool, but still need a chair to wash his hands. He has opinions on what kind of socks he wears, but won't complain when mom puts him in a teddy bear shirt.

Bennett learned dad's secret hand shake.

We learned he takes "blow it out" a little too seriously.

Bennett learned to be a line leader at school.

We learned that he is always our line leader.

Bennett learned that babies come from a mom's belly.

We learned that Bennett thought it was dark in there.

Bennett learned that big boy beds are for rolling, jumping, climbing, but not necessarily sleeping.

We learned to line the wall and the floor with pillows.

Bennett learned not to be scared of sharks, but sometimes dolphins and aquarium performs are petrifying.

We learned you don't need to drive to Atlanta to view sea creatures, you can find them in your very own bathtub!

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