Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summer Bucket List Update

On the first day of fall, it's time to check in on how I did on our summer bucket list. Like my ability to update the blog and stay afloat at the office, and stay in touch with friends, I've been lousy. Let's just see how lousy, shall we?

1. Tour the Southern Living Idea House. I'm up for multiple visits, who wants to come with me? - Done! A successful afternoon with the barnacle and the mom. 

2. Discover the only beach in Nashville, Percy Warner Park Beach.- Yeah, nope. Didn't happen. Between the birthday party circuit and a broken eyeball, we're postponing this one for next year.

3. Nashville Farmers Market. More peaches.-Lots of peaches, lots of farmers markets, but didn't technically make it to this specific market. Better luck this fall?

4. Make salsa with Bennett. My kid has a thing for kitchen appliances. Making his own dip will blow this little boy's mind, but hopefully not his tongue. Hells to the yes! And someone had lots of fun!

5. Fill my house with fresh flowers. Checkity check, thanks to the husband for this one!

6. Make ice cream. Again with the kitchen appliances. Yep. We seem to have more success with the electrical to-do list rather than the outdoorsy ones. Not sure what this says about the Kings.

7. Arrington Vineyards. We'll leave the barnacle at home to save our scalp. This one was outside, didn't happen. Maybe this fall when we can gather 'round the bonfire?

8. The Munro exhibit at Cheekwood. Shoot! We still have another month.

9. Listening to the frogs and watching the lightning bugs from our front porch. Absolutely yes, even with the visceral reaction to fresh air and mosquito bites.

10. Plan our next trip. Kind of? A fake trip done and a big trip on the horizon. Stay tuned for the bi-monthly posts.

Five out of 10. Summer half empty, or summer half full? With my failure this summer, I imagine we'll just have to compensate next year. 2014 or bust!

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