Friday, August 30, 2013

Putting On My Big Girl Underpants

Have you noticed a chirp, chirp over here? Maybe if we're all quiet you can hear it. Oh! There it is, silence on the blog. You may have noticed over the past several months there hasn't been enough content in these here parts. It's hard to drum up content when you can't write about 90 percent of what is going on in your head. In my particular case it's 1) work (kind of need work, which means I can't talk about work) and 2) babies. We like babies and we want more babies. I have no more babies. Please send me babies (or just prayers if you don't have any babies to spare).

Now that we've gotten that out in the open, let's dwell on my little human who used to be a baby. This kid:

He's not a baby anymore. He wears a backpack.

Sure it's fifteen sizes too big and kicks himself in the knees when he wears it, but it has dinosaurs, not bunnies or silly monkeys, but big kid scary dinosaurs. Inside has a change of clothes and his homework (seriously, people, homework!). 
He likes to kick back and enjoy a program or two every now and again and sit like mommy. Yeah, his legs are two feet too short, but sitting with your feet dangling over the edge is for babies.
And then there is this little situation happening over here. 

Last Friday, I went to pick up B from school. From the door you have a direct view of the class bathroom. My kid was standing away from me with his pants around his ankles, his little dupa hanging out for the whole world to see. I burst out laughing and the teacher said "He's been there awhile." I went in to ask him how he was doing and he proceeded to tell me about his day at school, about his "friend" who flushed too much toilet paper down the toilet and they had to call a plummer. No big deal, just having a conversation without any pants.

Then Wednesday, Bennett decided he was over diapers. He only had an accident or two, both at home and at school, but all in all not bad for the first time he's ever worn big boy underpants. This early success had me a little concerned for our first trip in public without any ultra-absorbent backup protection. I told him he should pick out some extra pants "just in case." He picked out pajama pants. With firetrucks. He put them in my purse and said, "I'm ready." Ok kid, you're ready for growing up, but momma ain't. 

Heading off to work I noticed this morning that I had less room that I thought in my bag. I couldn't imagine a better reminder of why I am just so very very lucky to be this little boy's mother. I might be sad that we are saying good bye to diapers, but he's still a kid. A cute, innocent kid who thinks it's perfectly appropriate to wear firetruck pajamas in public.

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