Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Present from Bennett

Many children draw a picture, pick a flower or sleep late for their parent's birthday, or at least that is part of the fantasy I imagined prior to birthing my barnacle. It seems that my history of of birthdays not living up my hype extends into my years of parenthood.

It wasn't just that Bennett didn't do those things, it's what he did do. He gave me a scratched cornea the size of Michigan. At least that's what the physician at urgent care informed me on my birthday no less.

Picture it, bath time, the eve of my thirty-first birthday, Nashville, Tennessee. My child and I are pouring water into cups, pretending to row a boat with our kitchen spatulas, singing songs and being silly. When out of nowhere, the little monster  my darling munchkin turned around and swatted me directly in m eye. I'm sure he was gesticulating like he learned from his father and his mother. It was possibly the most painful thing that's happened to me in my short thirty-one years.

Five days, three doctors visits and two cancelled birthday celebrations later, I can now open my right eye. But my poor mom is still driving me to work and I hope to be fully recovered sometime next week. If it wasn't for funny friends and photoshop this whole experience would have been much more traumatic.

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