Friday, August 16, 2013

Flashback Friday: Big Kid Games

For anyone that has traveled with me or was stupid enough to host me in their home, they know that I'm not very good at doing nothing when on vacation. So, when Rocky and I went on our honeymoon to Jamaica (over six years ago!), I made him climb waterfalls, rent boats, learn to roll cigars and yes, even play board games. 

A few weeks ago, I felt the urge to spruce up our nest and pulled this photo from our archives and put it in a frame. There are so many happy memories associated with this mugshot of my new husband that it received a place of prominence in the living room. My quick witted son noticed the switcheroo and didn't mention the stogie or the cerverza but zeroed in on the board game, prompting numerous questions.

I promised him I would show him the big kid game one day and he nagged me until I eventually relented. I pulled it out, and used it as an opportunity to learn my kid some letters. While it was shocking just how many he already knew, it was just as surprising to see what he thought was missing, Dad. 

It was fun watching him show off his skills, but it was even more fun to win for a change. Just kidding, I always win. 

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