Thursday, August 29, 2013

What We Learned: 34 Months

Bennett and I got to spend the day together, just the two of us a few weeks back. Being a working mom has made these days so precious, I try not to take them for granted by running errands and doing housework. Instead, we take spontaneous trips to the zoo and for ice cream and to the library. It's amazing how different it is these days than when I got to spend every day with him thirty-one months ago. As sad as it is to watch him grow, change and learn things, it's pretty amazing to have a tiny sidekick to make you laugh and keep you company.

Bennett learned to eat ice cream on a cone.

We learned that he likes cold things as much as he likes hot things.

Bennett learned elephants have tusks.

We learned to tune out the Jungle Book soundtrack on continuous repeat.

Bennett learned that a soundtrack is required for bath time, dinnertime, the commute to school, the commute to church and the commute upstairs.

We learned Bennett likes to sleep in on school days, but not on the weekends.

Bennett learned to use the potty.

We learned he's better at mastering his skills while he's sleeping than when he is awake.

Bennett learned that m&m's are pretty good incentive.

We learned that he likes to eat every blue one, then every red one and that brown is preferable to green or orange.

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