Friday, August 2, 2013

Flashback Friday: My Banshee Alien Munchkin

I woke up this morning yearning for that little feeling you have when you hold a pint-sized munchkin on your chest. I miss that sense of completeness when you hold a sweet, snuggly baby. He sleeps so deeply you can spend all afternoon leaning over to smell his newborn head.
Just 2.5 years later, you are left with this:
You ask to take his picture and he mocks you with this cheeseface. He won't sit still long enough to smell his mane and you probably don't want to because he's sweaty from playing outside. At least these days he can hold up his head and can tell you exactly why he's screaming like a banshee. That, and I'm not holding him on my chest at midnight, 2:30 and 5:00 am.
I stumbled across this video today that reminded me of that snuggly baby on the chest phase. It was  also a good reminder of those first few weeks when you feel like you gave birth to a tiny alien.
Also, praise the Lord Bennett didn't walk that early. We all would have been in deep trouble.

PS, What we learned 33 months is still coming. I'm just lazy. Note to future self, yes you cheated and posted it on the correct day despite your slacker tendencies.

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