Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby You Should Be In Pictures

As we dream about B.B. it's hard to imagine exactly what he'll look like.

Will he be compared to E.T. when he is born, like I was?

Baby Allison, 1 day old. I personally don't see the likeness. Hopefully, the doctors will have something nicer to say about B.B. King. Maybe something like "what a moose!"

Baby Rocky, 3 months old. Full of pudge and smiles. It's looking like maybe the kid will have hair.
Baby Allison, 4 months old. Looking a little less like a generic alien baby. I wouldn't mind if he had dimples.

Baby Allison, 9 months old with a button nose and sitting up.

Rocky's first birthday. Loving the tube socks. It is pretty obvious our kid is going to inherit a love of red overalls.

Allison's first birthday. I was always such a lady, especially sporting the E.T. hat.

It's a full moon tonight. If I didn't feel so darned good, I'd be thinking that maybe we'd get to see him in person real soon. He might inherit his daddy's brown eyes and my ability to make funny faces, but I really hope he doesn't inherit the stubborn, always a little bit late genes.

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