Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fugly Feet

I need your help. Under ideal circumstances, I would say I have poor taste in shoes (Let's remember I have a history of wearing plastic shoes). Things that make footwear most appealing to me include comfort, cost, and works with the most outfits. I know this season I am supposed to wear:
Booties or Biker Inspired Chic.
Embellished Masters of Pain.

Tall Riding Boots. I swear the last time I was on the Hill, there wasn't a single twenty-something woman not wearing a variation of this boot. It made me feel old and very out of touch.

Because I want some comfortable, slip-on, walk the dog or run to the grocery store shoes, I started to consider Toms. I thought "ooh, not a bad price, people rave about them, maybe not total mom shoes." Then, I saw some teenagers on the Metro who had puffy-painted theirs. Like Keds. Like I did circa 1990. Tell me, besides the whole charity aspect, are Toms just wrong?

Toms Classics in Slate

Toms Cords

I don't want to embarass you when you come to visit B.B. and take me out to lunch to get out of the house. Really, I am just seeking your advice as it is in your best interest. This isn't about me. It is your reputation that is at stake here!


  1. Dude. Oprah has endorsed Toms, the movie stars wear them, etc. If Oprah is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

    Also, they are ridic comfy. I own two pairs, and I really want the cords for the fall.

  2. Also, I want the tall boots. Or cowboy boots of any kind. So, there is that.