Monday, October 4, 2010

Mile Marker 35

I’m 35 weeks pregnant with just 35 days to go. It is scary and exciting and a whole lot of yippee up in here. His room is taking shape, and would be done if we weren’t afraid of nailing things into 70 year old plaster…and if the crib didn’t just break (We’re on it, I promise!).

My big plans for the week include packing a hospital bag and installing the car seat. However, this calls into question “if I start doing things now, will that just curse me into going two weeks late?” The illicit cheese industry and I certainly hope not. Besides, his dad and I are too eager to meet the little man.

At the beginning of this roller coaster ride, I just assumed that I would go very early. I was so paranoid for the first two trimesters, every pain, bump and pimple meant something very bad was going to happen. Yet, here I am, with a due date just a little over a month away. Besides a few aches that I’ve grown accustomed to and a few too many bathroom breaks keeping me up at night, things seem to be clipping right along.

The flip side of my previous mental block tells me that this baby is going to be born sometime around Thanksgiving. He’ll just be so itsy bitsy that he has enough space to keep cooking until he’s able to shave. Packing my bag, installing the car seat and fixing the crib will just guarantee me a butterball wrapped in gravy and Baby Gap.

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