Friday, November 12, 2010

I was kind of a big deal

Oh look, another bad hair picture!

I was "discovered" after I starred in a small skit in my middle school play. The school principal took me under his wing and nominated me for different projects, field trips and speeches at the Honor Roll breakfasts. In sixth grade, he came over the speaker system in my social studies class to call me to his office. Every kid in the class turned to look at me wondering what could the dorky kid with bad hair have done that was so bad that the principal himself was interrupting class. As it turned out, I wasn't in trouble. Dr. Young was casting me as the host of the Highview Middle School orientation video. I got out of class for a few days to prepare the presentation. It's really too bad that there wasn't a wardrobe budget for the production, because I remember I wore a Guess t-shirt and stonewashed jeans. Hot stuff. Perhaps even worse is that I don't have a copy of that priceless high school propoganda.

In eighth grade my friend Anne was doing the morning announcements with a couple of our mutual friends. I hadn't considered it since I felt like I was already over-exposed on campus and didn't want to wear out my reputation among my adoring fan base. Then I realized I could get out of class for fifteen minutes every day. Anne didn't need to say more.

One morning I was fidgety or developing late onset A.D.D. and was playing with Dr. Young's phone while one of the other girls was reading her part. I must have hit the speaker phone button because suddenly a blaring dial tone was broadcast throughout the whole school. I dove to the floor to frantically push buttons hoping I could just make it stop. Meanwhile, my friends were choking down giggles while trying to go on with the show.

For the rest of the year, my friends mocked my facial expression and they asked me to recreate the moment of shock and awe. The only way this picture could be more humiliating is if you all could see the skort I was sporting that day. Hot hair, hot clothes, one hot mess.

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