Friday, January 7, 2011

Flashback Friday: Ring a Ding

Five years ago today Rocky and I were engaged. I had wanted a ring for three years. Every birthday, anniversary, Valentine's and Flag Day I had hoped he'd be dropping down on one knee. That only made every birthday, anniversary, Valentine's and Flag Day a giant disappointment. When the little box was absent from the celebration, there wasn't a suprise, a dinner or a gift that would satisfy this greedy girl.

When Rocky planned a date night shortly after Christmas, I knew what was coming. All week, I tried to keep my suspicions a secret. Saturday morning, we went to the mall to take advantage of the post holiday sales. When Rocky stopped to buy chocolate covered strawberries, I just knew it had to be coming. Of course, I am a stinker and made plans with a friend to see a movie that afternoon. Nothing sets up a night of romance like watching the matinee showing of Brokeback Mountain with your girlfriend in Dupont Circle.

Afterwards, I met him for dinner downtown for a lovely meal. I was getting a little frustrated when it seemed that he hadn't made any after dinner plans and my heart was starting to sink that I was wrong yet again.

We headed to his apartment for dessert. When he opened the door and I saw the roses and the candles, I was floored. He presented me with a box of truffles and got down on one knee. It's just too bad we documented the momentous occassion with disposable cameras!

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  1. It is so funny, I was just talking about that day to my current roommate. I remember running across the street, hugging you and then saying, "Hey, is that my bowl?"