Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What We Learned: 13 Months

Bennett has had his hair cut several times.  I wasn't attached to the golden locks that were getting in his eyes, brushing his ears and flopping in his face.  But in the past month, his hair is beginning to curl.  I've been reluctant to trim an inch.  This past weekend I sucked it up and went to the barber shop.  It was closed.  I took it as a sign that it wasn't time to trim.  Grandma disagreed and took matters into her own hands.  Now, my baby is gone and I'm left with a someone who want's to be my man.

Bennett learned that walking is an efficient mode of transportation.

We learned he no longer needs to hold our hand.

Bennett learned to throw things.

We learned to let it be.

Bennett learned to walk away from diaper changes.

We learned that diaper changes are still a challenge.  Help we need somebody!

Bennett learned that hugs and kisses reap great rewards.

We learned that sometimes love is all you need.

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