Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random Thursday

1. Nashville has a Fashion Week. I am not sure how I feel about that. Sure, it's not all cowboy boots and cutoffs in these parts, but it still feels a little, I don't know, out of place? Also, they should have called it Nashville Fashion Long-Weekend. At least Tim Gunn will be in town, at Kate Spade no less. How very Nashville.

2. A bird pooped on me yesterday. This must be the fourth of fifth time a bird has pooped on me in my lifetime. They say it brings you good luck. Let's hope I have some lucky news to share sometime soon because history has not proven that to be true. I should know, it's happend four of five times.

3. It's baby season again. Hooray hooray! Last fall the stork visited our circle of friends and family several times. This fall is already looking busy. Hugs and kisses and happy, healthy baby vibes!

4. It's wedding season again too. Rocky and I are taking a long weekend in California in May. My body is craving the beach and my heart is craving some time with old friends.

5. I shouldn't be allowed to watch House Hunters in DC. Even when they are shopping outside the beltway, it makes me want to move back. Is it too late?

6.  Yes, Atticus ate a whole stick of butter.  I am not sure how that could have happened, but I guess when you are making a recipe that calls for three whole sticks, you might lose track of one...

7. Last, but certainly not least. Some good friends of ours, Ben and Becca (Hi Weirs!) have a precious baby girl, Julianne. They have been in and out of the hospital for weeks and could use some prayers. If you are the praying type, send some up for Julianne as she heads back tomorrow for more tests. They are some of the most upbeat, optimistic people I know and I hate that they are going through such a trying time. Love you guys.

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  1. Re number 5... No (said emphatically) it is not too late!