Thursday, March 29, 2012

What We Learned: 17 Months

Seventeen doesn't seem like much of a milestone these days, does it?  It's not halfway, it isn't a banner number, it isn't even sweet.  But, for Mr. B 17 does seem monumental.  This sweet child of mine has already lived more of his life in Tennessee than he lived in Virginia.  When we moved he was just learning the art of drinking from a cup, he was just learning to pull up and wave, straws were favorite toys.  Since then...

Bennett learned to high five.

We learned that high fives are good tricks for dogs and kids.

Bennett learned to answer questions.

We learned sometimes it's better not to ask.

Bennett learned to climb on furniture.

We learned to hover.

Bennett learned to say Atticus.
We learned that practice makes perfect.

Bennett learned to say hi to every Tom, Dick and tree.

We learned that it's entirely possible to have a tan in March.

Bennett learned he likes to choose what he's wearing.

We learned that 80 degrees isn't too warm for a stocking cap (or tobagon if your from TN).

Bennett learned to blow dandelions.

We learned that weeds are good toys.

Bennett learned that dandelions don't taste very good.

Bennett learned to collect rocks, sticks, flowers and hardware.

We learned that we're raising a real boy.

Bennett learned how to do the itsy bitsy spider.

We learned we don't get to teach him everything.

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