Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alive and Mooing

Sheesh, things are like crickets around here again.  Sure, I may have some extra alone(ly) time every night when the boy goes to sleep, but after the cooking and the cleaning and the child-rearing, I am too exhausted to do anything that involves more effort than a spoon and a carton of ice cream.  However, just to prove to the internets that my child is alive and well, some photo documentation of said child-rearing. 

Picture it, Nashville, Tennessee, Two-Thousand Twelve.  A wee child with a penchant for Cars and Farm Amamals receives some mis-directed junk mail hawking farm equipment. 
Isn't it too early for holiday catalogues?  Because hoo-doggie you would have thought the Toys R Us Christmas Spectacular Circular just landed on our front door step.

Sure, honey child those sweet baby calves are just hiding and not locked in some deadly holding contraption intended to keep them immobilized.

I'm wishing I had the sound effects to accompany that face.  It was somewhere between a squeel, a shriek and a MOO when he saw not one, not two, but three cows on the same page.
Good thing he's easily entertained because we have a few more weeks before the trial is over.  Heaven and the mail man help us!

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