Monday, September 24, 2012

Photo Dump

I am slacking on the B's baby book even worse than I'm slacking on the blog.  He's going to go to ask one day and think we didn't like him much.  In order to compensate for those blank pages, I'd like to immortalize the cute-ness on the internets forever and ever amen. 

Independence Day
Maybe parades are not too scary afterall?
All the cool kids hide in the laundry room.
The one day my child was attached to a blanky.
Where is Bennett?
One day at the grocery store, we had to drop what we were doing and read a math book, because McQueen was on the cover.  Of course!

An inherited barnyard.

With the trial entering the fourth week, maybe I should be spending more time on the baby book and less time with the Real Housewives.  As cute as a picture is, there are so many stories and memories behind each snap I hate that I'll forget the little stuff.  I suppose even a baby book would have trouble memorializing just a wonderful, happy, interesting little boy he is becoming. 

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