Friday, April 26, 2013

No wonder I have no blog content

...because, even when I do have an awesome weekend, I don't bother to share it with my adoring readers!

Last weekend, my dear friend Anne and her husband Pete (the one with a thing for moms and polka) came to Nashville to see the sights, see the house and see the terror toddler. We had accidentally or intentionally been able to see each other on an annual basis since their return from Japan in 2006. We've rendezvoused
on  both coasts, up North and now down South. I think as our families grow it might get a little more difficult to be sure we can catch up in person, but sometimes you just need to hug to keep an eighteen year friendship strong.

Upon their arrival, we introduced them to dining out with a toddler which must include chips and salsa and preferably dessert with their own spoon. Typically, I wouldn't take a Californian for Mexican, but desperate times call for desperate measures when dining with a tot either includes dip or drama.  The remainder of the weekend involved sightseeing, historic home tours, a craw fish boil and a fabulous dinner out sans bebe. I tried to keep all of our activities in the covert "please please relocate to Nashville" variety, but I don't suppose introducing them to realtors and Fortune 100 employers wasn't very subtle.

It was a great weekend to reconnect with an old friend and her husband who willingly takes the hint when we send the boys on errands for girl talk. I wish the visits weren't so few and far between and I imagine one day they will involve water parks and mini-golf, but I will always be grateful for the quick trips and the promise of another.

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